Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Entry Requirements & Pre-requisites

This is a high level qualification and is open to learners who have either progressed from the IBA Graduate Diploma qualification, with a business administration undergraduate degree or can demonstrate sufficient study in the field that be considered the equivalent of the entry requirement programmes.

Qualification Structure

To achieve the qualification the learners will be required to complete the 6 mandatory units listed within this specification, this is considered a total credit value of 120 credits at Level 7. All learning outcomes and assessment criteria in each unit must be met and evidenced for credit to be awarded.


Entry onto a top-up Masters programme.


All assessment at this level of study is achieved through a mixture of unseen MCQ testing and a written assignment of 2,500 words. This ensures that we can protect the integrity of the assessment and be sure that each learner is demonstrating their ability to satisfy the learning outcomes.


  • Strategic Management.
  • Strategic Risk Management.
  • Strategic Relationship Management.
  • Finance for non-financial Managers
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management