The concept of this organisation began in 1998. Damian Tracey left full time employment in the UK University sector to embark on a career in the professional training and education industry. It was his vision to be able to offer qualifications and learning to a wider range of people. For the past 19 years he has been combining running an accountancy practice, with teaching, training and consulting. On this journey he met the other members of our academic advisory board. Together they had a shared dream of offering the benefit of their expertise to a wider range of learner.

After many years of training and teaching in the professional accounting sector they came to the same conclusion, that there needed to be a new way of offering accounting and business qualifications, one which more accurately reflected the skills and knowledge required to be a modern professional. A set of qualifications which allowed for understanding and knowledge to be developed across the full spectrum of business, rather than the narrow confines of accounting. This first version of this was the company Train4results Limited, which was headed by Damian and was designed to be able to focus of the outputs of the professional and the organisation. After 10 years, the next progression of this idea was to evolve into an accredited qualification body.

It is against this background that the members of the academic board nominated the CEO to drive this vision forward, it is his aim toutilise the extensive knowledge and experience of both colleagues and professional contacts to be able ensure that the qualifications which are offered by IBA are recognised, relevant and offer pathways to further learning and development. IBA prides itself on providing outstanding service in order to guarantee that all of our learners are 100% satisfied.